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Holidays in Israel

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Israel is a country bustling with opportunity. It is also a country which luxury and leisure can be experienced at some of the best locations in the world. Luxury attraction in Israel are spread out across the nation with several of them world and historic famous sites along with splendid hotels. Cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem giving being responsible for unforgettable holidays in Israel. Tel Aviv has amazing historic architecture that will burn in your mind for quite sometime. Tel Aviv has a panoramic coastline which is a must see whenever you visit Israel. This city is Israel’s centre for things luxury with millions of tourists flocking to sample the best of Israel’s leisure destinations. Your holidays will not be complete without visiting the choice beaches in Tel Aviv. The summer is the best time to indulge in water sports and have serious fun. 



There are old cities in Israel which are imbued by historical significance and stepping foot in such places is a memorable experience like no other. One of those cities is Jerusalem where the architecture which can only be described as magical exists. The night life in Israeli cities is thriving and active, Allenby Street in Tel Aviv is dotted with luxury pubs and nightclubs. For those who do not fancy the wild night out, they can have a quiet and sophisticated night out with family and friends with orchestras spread around. The Dead Sea is a no-brainer tourist destination, no one leaves without visiting this unique natural landmark. Lying 400m below sea level, being the saltiest lake in the world and its location will get you luxurious spa treatments from the numerous parlors in the area. 


Luxury vacations are not completed without smoking hot hotels. Holidays in Israel are fulfilling if you are accommodated in hotels like the Beresheet in Mitspe Ramon. The hotel is located where you can view a vista landscape, it is set up on the edge of cliffs which are overseeing the wonderful Ramon Crater. The rooms are meticulously maintained with splendid views of the desert or the crater depending in which room you are in. The rooms have LCD television, Internet connection, bathrooms with hot shower, a hair dryer, towel and gowns are provided. There is also a minibar, the rooms have adequate lighting, a safe and an Espresso machine.The Cramin Resort and Spa is located in Judea, a short distance from Jerusalem. The resort is known for its chef restaurant which offers delicious meals, magnificent spa and fine wine bar. You get great mountain air with scenery to behold. The spas use modern technology for therapies with vino-therapy treatments leading the way. The rooms are decked in the latest interior design fashions with Wi-Fi, LCD television screens with connection to international channels. The rooms are spacious and clean. They have luxurious ambiences with king size and queen size beds to sleep on. There are rooms which can accommodate couples and their children while still enjoying the resort’s amenities. Rooms have different sceneries that you can absorb from inside, there are the hills and mountain views which can be seen through the large windows.

Holidays in Israel are an unforgettable experience and you should have such an experience in your lifetime.



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