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Great hotels in Israel

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From the shores of red sea to the majestic plateau of the Golan Heights, Israel is filled with breathtaking beauty and natural wonders. Whether you are going to the lively Tel Aviv or the history steeped Jerusalem, there is always time to relax and watch the world move by, thanks to Israel’s rich hospitality culture.

While there are thousands of hotels in this holy land, like anywhere else, only a few stand out. The outstanding ones are not actually the most expensive, but they are located in places of history or are places of renowned service or amazing design. Here are a range of the best luxury hotels in Israel, representing different cities, different classes and different styles. Nevertheless one thing that these hotels have in common is great reputation. Check them out:



Dead Sea Hotel

The Dead Sea luxurious and spa hotel is located on the shores of Dead Sea. The hotel attracts both foreigners and Israelis. Its vibrant feel and intriguing architecture gives visitors a wide array of amenities to suit different tastes. Their elegantly designed rooms are complemented by the finest cuisine in their restaurant. It is also located in a prime place for experiencing and exploring Israel.


Ganim Hotel Dead Sea

Ganim Hotel Dead Sea luxurious hotel is located a few meters from the shores of Dead Sea. The exclusive hotel offers its visitors a choice of 8 different types of rooms. It also gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a blend of both new century and old world charm ambiance. Their adorned lobby staff add to its world famous and professional hospitality. The glorious swimming pool and gardens are steeped in complete luxury allowing its guests uninterrupted views of the sea.


Sport Club Hotel Eilat

The luxurious Sports Club Hotel is located a few meters from the beach. The state of the art hotel offers inclusive services such as dining, drinks and snacks throughout the day. Its friendly and warm environments bestows a sense of belonging and familiarity to all guests. The complimentary bathrobes, daily newspapers, mineral water and excellent service will definitely enhance your experience of the hotel. A fantastic choice for fantastic people!


Riviera Club Hotel Eilat

The club hotel is highly recommended for couples. It offers a kitchen and furnished apartments allowing privacy and independence. It also Offers 13 different types of rooms. It is a world renowned hotel and a landmark establishment with palatial suits, luxurious service and elaborate furnishings. Couples will find themselves in an enchanting and romantic setting, customized by state of the art facilities and classic Arabian arches. Rich entertainment, world class restaurants and luscious gardens give the hotel an oasis reputation.


The Lagoona Hotel 

This is an all-inclusive family hotel offering accommodation, drinks, refreshments, entertainment, meals and more. It is located north of the Eilat hotels and very close to the sea. It offers 6 different types of rooms.


Tower Tel Aviv Hotel

The all-suite hotel overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv. It is also located within a plethora of recreational attractions and entertainment venues. Additionally, the combination of the metropolitan setting and the Mediterranean coast gives a variety of comforts to suit any type of taste and trip. The hotel also boosts of gourmet restaurants, spacious rooms and unrivalled service.




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