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Welcome to The Sea of Galilee

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Lake Kinneret attracts millions of visitors from both home and abroad each year. Many are Christian pilgrims who come to see the many places mentioned in the New Testament – most notably where the miracles of Jesus are said to have taken place , including the walking on water, feeding of the five thousand and calming of the storm. Thousands of people come here to be baptized on the shores of the lake too.

The Sea of Galilee, not far from Haifa, is also an important tourist hotspot with beaches and spectacular surrounding landscapes to admire. The Galilee Mountains are found the east and west, along with the foothills of the Golan and to the north is the Beit Tsida Valley; while to the south is the Jordan Estuary which snakes off to the desert.

The beaches feature attractions for every age group, and permit visitors to sleep in designated camping areas. For a more luxurious vacation there are plenty of guesthouses and hotels close by, mainly in Tiberias.  The area has much on offer to families with two water parks the Luna Gal, and Gai Beach popular for their exciting water slides, while the lake itself plays host to a variety of water-based activities.

The Kinneret is ideally situated for enjoying a nature tour, with the Jordan Park, Beit Tsida Nature Reserve two highlights. The Golan Heights offer some of the most beautiful and scenic views – and are home to natural, historical and archeological treasures. In the winter visitors flock to Mount Hermon to enjoy its excellent skiing conditions, while in summer the mountainous region attracts hikers and nature lovers.


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Lying just east of Haifa, the Sea of Galilee is one of Israel’s most visited places attracting many travelers who come to see the sites they have read about in the Bible. Apart from its significance to people of faith, the region is also a top holiday destination – Lake Kinneret provides a host of water based activities, and is surrounded by a beautiful mountainous Golan region –home to attractive walking routes and spectacular views.

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There are many fascinating places to take in on a tour of Lake Kinneret,

also known as the Sea of Galilee, not least of which is the ancient city of Capernaum, the lakeside town which Jesus and his

disciples are believed to have made their home.  During Jesus’ time the area was an important fishing village and port with around 1500 residents.

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Ancient Hebrews called the Sea of Galilee ‘the Harp’ since its shape roughly resembles that instrument.

Lake Kinneret as it is also known is a beautiful body

of water which is situated 210 meters below sea level, and is where the Jordan

flows from the north to the sea in the south – just east of Haifa.

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Not only is the Sea of Galilee – or Lake Kinneret -well traveled because of its historical and religious places of interest,

but the region draws visitors due to the fact it’s one of the most beautiful in the whole of Israel.


 One of the most picturesque places to see is the Ein Gev which his located on the lake’s eastern shore. 

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