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Ancient Hebrews called the Sea of Galilee ‘the Harp’ since its shape roughly resembles that instrument.

Lake Kinneret as it is also known is a beautiful body

of water which is situated 210 meters below sea level, and is where the Jordan

flows from the north to the sea in the south – just east of Haifa.

Set amidst the splendor of the Golan Heights, the Kinneret is home to many holy sites mentioned in the New Testament, including places where Jesus was said to have performed his miracles.

Today the sea is home to speedboats and water skiers – but there are still parts which are as tranquil and spiritual as they were in ancient times.

Tabgha is the site where it is said Jesus performed the miracle of multiplying loaves and fishes, and is where the Benedictine Monastery and Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes are located.

The ancient church ruins include a spectacular mosaic floor which was discovered when the building was excavated - a floor which had remained hidden for over a thousand years.

This exquisite Byzantine work of art depicts two fish and a basket of bread, as well as a colorful illustration of the many birds which once lived in the region.

Just east of the Church is the Heptapegon (Seven Springs) where Jesus is believed to have re-appeared to his disciples after the crucifixion and resurrection.

This is the spot where he famously asked his disciples to cast their nets only to catch the biggest haul of fish they had ever seen.

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