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The bustling metropolis which is Gush Dan is Israel’s most populated area, and includes the sizeable towns of Herzliya to the north and Petach Tikva to the east of Tel Aviv, amongst others. Known as Israel’s entertainment capital, the region provides the best shopping, cafés, bars and restaurants – as well as museums, parks and beaches in the country. There are also many historical and archaeological sites worth visiting, and a series of colorful festivals attracting visitors from home and abroad in their droves.

Gush Gan’s center, Tel Aviv, is renowned for being the city which never sleeps, and is a place which prides itself on being the most modern and cosmopolitan in Israel. Tel Aviv has consistently ranked highly in Top Cities guides, and features not only some of the best restaurants and nightlife – but fascinating cultural attractions in the form of the ‘White City’, as well as museums, parks, theaters and opera houses.

Sightseeing opportunities in close proximity to Tel Aviv include the ancient city of Jaffa, which is located just outside the city. Highlights of the area include a visit to St Peter’s Church, a Franciscan monastery perched high on Jaffa hill, which was constructed at the end of the 19th century and former site of a crusader fortress. Within the church is the room in which it is rumored Napoleon stayed in 1799. Jaffa also offers charming alleyways to explore, high quality restaurants and an old port – from where Jonah is said to have set off to meet the whale.

Back in town, Dizengoff Center is one of Tel Aviv’s busiest shopping malls while Carmel Market offers visitors a taste of authentic goods and Middle Eastern cuisine in the heart of the city.

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