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Great hotels in Israel

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From the shores of red sea to the majestic plateau of the Golan Heights, Israel is filled with breathtaking beauty and natural wonders. Whether you are going to the lively Tel Aviv or the history steeped Jerusalem, there is always time to relax and watch the world move by, thanks to Israel’s rich hospitality culture.

While there are thousands of hotels in this holy land, like anywhere else, only a few stand out. The outstanding ones are not actually the most expensive, but they are located in places of history or are places of renowned service or amazing design. Here are a range of the best luxury hotels in Israel, representing different cities, different classes and different styles. Nevertheless one thing that these hotels have in common is great reputation. Check them out:


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Why Your Next Summer Vacation Should Be Spent in a Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is an extremely popular vacation destination, and people from all around the world come to visit each year. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the city is lively at all times of the day and night. The beautiful landscapes and the beautiful boutique hotels in the area also attract many. Why should you stay in a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv during the summer?


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Thinking of a Vacation in Herzliya?


If you have been thinking of an exotic vacation abroad, what could be more inspiring and exotic than time away right next to the famous Mediterranean Sea? A vacation in Herzliya awaits those who feel like a true adventure to the very heart of Israel, where so many ancient civilizations have clashed, been born, become knowledgeable and found God.


Herzliya itself is a wondrous urban location and features plenty of amazing restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, and even a local technology industry that is currently in a boom cycle of development. Many different types of visitors stay in Herzliya hotels, including international business people, families that wish for a taste of old world adventure combined with a modern vision, and world travelers.


Staying at a Herzliya Hotel

There are a number of excellent reputable luxury Herzliya hotels in the area. Apart from being right near the amazing Mediterranean Sea, host to countless civilizations that have come and gone over the centuries, hotels in the area are not too far from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and are also a short distance from a number of recreational activities that interest many tourists and hotel visitors. This central location makes the hotel a great spot for accessing the major roadways of Israel and for getting to other iconic cities and historic sites in the region. Like many hotels in the area, it also features luxury suites that are private and have a fully equipped kitchen that suits families as well as other visitors.


If you are considering a vacation in Herzliya, you would be wise to take advantage of staying at a central location that has easy access to roads, transport for tourists, and recreational activities. Israel is not a large country, but it is very busy and there are many great places to see and things to do. By staying at a busy central location, it is possible to get around more easily and make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation.


Come Visit Israel with Our Group Tour Packages

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Israel is a country that is visited by millions of tourists each year and with good reason. Israel is not only a historic country, but it offers beautiful landscapes, rich agriculture, quaint villages and towns, and much more. Israel is a diverse country that is often associated with its many biblical sites, but both Christians and non-Christians each year sample what the country has to offer.

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