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Tel Arad

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The Dead Sea (aka Salt Sea or ‘Sea of Lot’)

is situated between Israel and Jordon, and, at nearly 400 meters below sea level, is the lowest point on earth.

The sea is ‘dead’ because of the high salt content of the waters –

waters which also contain a host of beneficial minerals..

A trip to the Dead Sea is one of the highlights on a trip to Israel, with excellent beaches providing access to the sea, as well as showers to wash off the salt after a dip.

As well as enjoying time at the beach, the Dead Sea area is a fascinating place to explore.

Tel Arad is an important archeological site, located just a few kilometers northwest of the Dead Sea.

This is a Canaanite town which dates back to the second millennium B.C and is home to the remains of a Roman Acropolis.

Visitors can also view the restored walls of a citadel which has been rebuilt in the original material.

Arad is also home to many beautiful walking trails, suitable for all the family, which offer a glimpse of rare desert tranquility off the beaten track.

In fact this Dead Sea Region has become quite a center of eco-tourism.

The city is also renowned for its clean, dry air, which is why asthmatics come here from all over to world, in a bid to better their condition.

Visitors also flock to Arad for its annual music festival, Festival Arad – one of the oldest music festivals in Israel, which takes place in August.


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