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Hotels in Israel

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 Israel as a destination attracts approximately 3 million tourists annually, who come to travel and see the different historical and natural attractions Israel has to offer.  



The vast majority of the arrivals usually choose to stay in and around the major cities of Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem in central Israel, Haifa in the north, and Eilat "down south". 

These cities, as all other major cities in the world, have different kinds of accommodation and lodging possibilities suited specifically for the different kinds of travelers. For example, one famous chain of hotels in Israel – Dan Hotels runs up to three hotels in one city in order to offer its guests a variety of different vacation styles.

The visitors who travel to Israel may choose to stay at luxurious hotels that offer full board, fine dining experiences and all other 5 star hotel luxuries - or in contrast, choosing an authentic family style hospitality in guest houses, hostels or even holiday apartment rentals. Those who do prefer the convenience and safety of well-established and well-known hotels can pick one that best fits their needs:

The Business Hotel

Business hotels in Israel are usually located around the city centers and financial districts such as downtown Tel Aviv. They offer useful services for the typical businessperson including laundry services – so they will always have clean and ironed cloths, meeting and conference rooms to conduct important business appointments , reliable internet access from anywhere in the hotel and high end -equipped rooms that makes you feel at home away from home


The Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels in Israel are very different and are located at the very heart of the different cities. Due to their surroundings, the hotels are often beautifully designed and offer their guests a more authentic Israeli feel without compromising on luxury. A boutique hotel is a wise choice for couples who would like to have a romantic vacation and to do so in style.

The High End Hotel

For those who can afford them, The Fancy hotels of Israel have a lot to offer. In terms of location, they are strategically situated close to the best and most known attractions - such as the beach of Tel-Aviv, The Old city in Jerusalem or the Bahai` Gardens in Haifa. Additional to the high level of service and facilities these hotels are characterized by, they also offer equipped rooms with breathtaking views, high thread count linens and other luxury perks.



Choosing the right place to stay


Once you have a basic idea of what kind of vacation you want. Picking out the right Israeli hotel should not be difficult. Every city in Israel has a variety of cheaper and more expensive places to stay, as well as accommodations for a wide range of different age groups. All you need to do is just book a room and come experience Israel.

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