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Visit the Holy Land with Israel Christian Tours

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Every Sunday you pray to God, thanking him for the people you love, for the life you have, and for everything that is good. When you sit down in church you feel His presence everywhere around you, filling you with love and inspiring you with hymns, His light shining through the windows and filling the chapel. In His house, you feel at home.



See the Nativity Sites Firsthand

Imagine standing in Bethlehem, where the Son of God was born. The orange sun sits low above the horizon, illuminating the tan, stone buildings around you. The city is filled with faith and history, metal crosses resting on rooftops, catching the light and casting shadows on the stone road before you. Slowly, scenes from the Bible begin to take shape: a star, resting in the sky above a small stable. Joseph and Mary, holding their newborn baby, wrapped in swaddling cloth and sleeping. Your heart fills with inspiration and lifts as you realize that over two thousand years ago, He was in this very place.


Feel Closer to God than Ever Before

Traveling to the holy places of Israel is a vacation like no other. Unlike typical holidays and tours that take you through sweaty, crowded tourist traps selling thimbles, snow globes, and postcards, Israel Christian tours bring the stories of the bible to life. Walk through the winding, stone streets of Jerusalem and stop at the Church of Holy Sepulcher, built on the very spot where Jesus was crucified. Stand at the top of the Mount of Olives and take photos of the breathtaking panoramic view of Israel spread below you. See the Dome of the Rock rise above Jerusalem’s buildings, the very place where Abraham was tested to sacrifice his son Isaac. Then explore the City of David further and see King David’s tomb. 

Experiencing a vacation with Israel Christian tours is one you will never forget. You will walk the very streets and stand in the very places of those who founded and later defended Christianity thousands of years ago. You will return home inspired, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Connect with God with a Nazareth Tour

“And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for to read.” Imagine traveling back in time. You are standing on the streets, tall stone buildings rising up around you with the angry voices of your townspeople. They are furious, driving a strange new prophet out of town – yet he is unfazed. He holds his head high and walks through the crowd, completely calm. 

Now imagine you are standing on those very streets today – where Jesus was run out of Nazareth. The same stone buildings surround you, tall above the streets, crumbling stone and concrete supports evidence of the thousands of years they have stood there, withstanding the tests of time – just as Christianity and Jesus have done. Standing in this very place, the presence of God surrounds you; He lifts you up, He fills your heart, and you feel closer to Him than ever before. 


Where Past and Present Meet

Visiting the Holy Land, the most sacred place on Earth, is an experience no one forgets. Their faith is renewed, they feel that their relationship with God has strengthened, and they return home with a greater knowledge of and appreciation for not just their own religion, but for Judaism and Islam, too. They learn of the connections between these holy places and each holy books, and the importance of these sacred places, the birthplace of Christianity, becomes clear.


See the Bible Come to Life

 Nazareth tours walk you through the sacred Holy sites of Nazareth. The plains of Armageddon, endless fields, and clear blue skies surround you. Walk through the Church of the Annunciation and marvel at the stonework and art that fills its walls. Then visit the church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry, the very site of Joseph's workshop before visiting the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish, on the coast of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus fed the masses. Visiting these places is an inspiring experience you will never forget.


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