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Jerusalem’s Old City is a place of tremendous religious importance and visited by pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Divided into four quarters, the Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim - inside its walls are sites considered holy to followers of the three main monotheistic religions.

A tour of Jerusalem’s Old City has to include the Western Wall when on a trip to Israel. The holy Wall is sacred to Jews and attracts millions of visitors who come to offer heartfelt notes which are wedged in between the crevices of the wall. The Western Wall is revered for being the sole remaining part of the Holy Temple which lies close to Temple Mount.

The Western Wall is surrounded by the famous Western Wall tunnels, and the Davidson Center which features a series of archaeological finds, and an exhibition of figures from Jerusalem’s past. A highlight of a visit includes a magnificent three dimensional reconstruction of the huge holy Temple which once stood here.

In the Christian quarter the Via Dolorosa is an important site, and said to be the final path of Jesus to Golgotha where he was crucified. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is where his body is believed to have been buried, and is a pilgrimage site for Christians worldwide.

Alongside the many notable historical and religious sites, Jerusalem also features a variety of modern tourist attractions for lovers of the arts, music, architecture and gastronomy, which are a must during a trip in Israel. The colorful Market is a highlight, and where you can buy authentic wares including ceramics, clothing, glassware and souvenirs. For fabulous views of the New City, the promenade which runs atop the Old City Walls cannot offers unforgettable vistas, especially at night time.

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