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Eilat is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and sun worshippers alike, and is especially well known as a prime diving destination with a pristine coral reef to explore. The reef is located close to the shore making it easily accessible for snorkeling too, while Eilat’s many diving clubs and schools provide instruction for those new to the sport.

Princess Beach offers great opportunities for getting up close to colorful fish, which swim just meters from the shore. It’s also a place to rent equipment or simply relax, with plenty of shaded areas and recliners, a snack bar and showers.

Whether you like water based activities or not you are recommended to experience Eilat’s Dolphin Reef – a marine biology and research station which offers a unique and exciting opportunity to swim with dolphins. The Reef is a unique ecological site where a group of ‘bottlenose’ dolphins can be observed in their natural habitat, hunting, playing and socializing – and they have a free will when it comes to deciding whether or not they desire human company.

Families have a variety of entertaining attractions to take advantage of during a vacation in Eilat, and the ‘What’s up Observatory’ is highly recommended a visit. Here you can experience a ‘Star Safari’ taking in stars, constellations and galaxies in the clear desert skies. The Ice Space is another unique and fun attraction, featuring amazing ice sculptures, and ice-covered slides located at the Marina. The Marina is also the place to head for to eat, with great food accompanied by sea views and, for grown-ups it’s a place which is buzzing well after midnight.

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