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Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve

Travel templateEilat is situated in the Southern Negev Desert, adjacent to the ancient port of Aquaba, and its tropical climate, warm seas and endless sunshine attract thousands of visitors each year.

The Red Sea resort is often termed a diving and snorkeling paradise, with the coral reef a huge draw.

The beaches offer great opportunities for getting up close to colorful fish, which swim just meters from the shore.

Eilat is a great place to take the kids – and one option for a great day out is the Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve, which protects animals mentioned in the Bible as well as other endangered species.

Children can take part in a variety of fun activities, as well as learn about animal conservation.

The Wildlife Reserve is situated just 35 km north of Eilat, and so is an easy trip out.

The reserve is divided into three main areas: a 12 kilometer square open area where herds of herbivores live in naturalistic surroundings, a center which houses predators, reptiles and small desert mammals, and a ‘dark room’ where you can view nocturnal animals.

Animals in the reserve include the wild Asiatic ass - some of which have been successfully re-introduced into the Negev, and the African wild ass.

The Arabian oryx and Sahara oryx have also been bred at the reserve in a bid to halt their extinction. Also found here are leopards, foxes, wolves, wild cats, hyenas and smaller species including bats, owls and dormice.

An informative CD will guide you throughout a visit which will last around 2 hours – and all are welcome to watch while the predators are fed.



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