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Timna National Park

Travel templateEilat is the resort of choice for visitors who come year round to experience the sunshine, beaches and excellent diving conditions.

Located in the Bay of Eilat, visitors can enjoy a host of water based activities, as well as observe the spectacular tropical fish in the underwater observatory, or by exploring the coral reef.

Away from the water there’s plenty of fascinating attractions – especially since Eilat is surrounded by desert.
Timna National Park is located around 17km north of Eilat, and is a wonder of nature featuring incredible rock formations dating back thousands of years.


Timna is also the site of the world’s first copper mine, and visitors can view ancient mining shafts, and furnaces dating back to Egyptian times, as well as listen to multimedia presentations which bring the ancient art of copper-mining to life.
The Temple of Hathor, the awe-inspiring Solomon’s Pillars, and ancient rock drawings are other highlights on a tour of this fascinating park.


A great way to take in the spectacular natural monuments of sand and rock is by taking a Jeep tour - a stop at the visitor center at the entrance provides will provide you with helpful information on the history of the area.


While exploring the park you can also look out for Timna’s famous flora and fauna, where you will find acacia trees and other desert vegetation, as well as herds of Ibex.
There are various family-oriented activities on offer from hiring a pedal boat for a tour of the lake, hiring a mountain bike – or even leaving Eilat for a night and camping at the onsite campground.


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