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The Pilgrim Road (Ophel Archaeological Park)

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Jerusalem's history spans at least 3,000 years, since the days of King David. The city's name is mentioned in ancient Egyptian scrolls dated ~1,900 B.C, as well as approximately 700 times in the Bible (Old Testament).




Some of the best evidence of the city's glorious history can be found at Jerusalem's Archaeological Park excavations ("Pilgrim Road" at Davidson Center), near the southern parts of Temple Mount (also known as the Ophel Park).


Here one can enjoy guided tours around the various archaeological findings, a video reproducing ancient Jerusalem life, a 3D model of the 2nd Temple, and even an interactive animated guided tour allowing one to visit the 8th century streets and buildings, during the Umayyad Caliphate period.


  The Western Wall Tunnels

One of the Pilgrim Road's best kept excavations is the Western Wall Tunnels, under the Muslim quarter. This historic wonder engulfs a wide range of time periods, including the 2nd Temple (~538 B.C - 70 A.D), the Middle Ages (~500 - 1,500 A.D), and the modern era (15th - 19th centuries).


Most people don't know that the Western Wall isn't just 62 meters wide and 20 meters high, along the Jewish quarter. When digging below, parallel to the wall, it actually stretches 488 meters across – most of it currently underground. The familiar prayer/service plaza of the Western Wall is located to the tunnels' right.

 Currently there are at least 15 distinct historical locations along the Western Wall Tunnels, each from a different era - including Robinson's Arch, the Paved Street, the Quarry, the Crusader Church, many Jewish ritual baths (Mikvah), etc.

 The Ophel Archaeological Park is also a remarkable sight not to be missed during twilight hours and the evening. When lit with the city's lights, giving it a dramatic view, it almost feels like you are transported to old times.

 Since it is situated near Jerusalem's city center, the park is 10 minute drive away from all the city's main activities – King David Residence, Mamilla shopping center, the Cinematheque, and an endless abundance of cafes, restaurants, and culture centers. That's Jerusalem right there – old and new, history and modernity combined.




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