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Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Travel templateJerusalem is a spiritual center like no other, attracting followers of the world’s major religions to city sites.

It is also hugely popular with tourists during their trip in Israel, who also come to view the historical and cultural attractions on offer, as well as enjoy the colorful markets, authentic cuisine and famous Middle Eastern hospitality.


 Hezekiah’s Tunnel invites you to take a trip back to ancient times, on a long underground walk right next to the Western Wall.

The water tunnel was dug by hand date by Hezekiah and the Canaanites in the 8th century BC and this fascinating piece of ancient engineering offers not only the opportunity to gain a unique historical insight to the city during a trip in Israel, but is a chance to cool down on a hot Jerusalem day.

The tunnel is one of the very few intact 8th century structures accessible to the public today.

Wading through the 2700 year old tunnel is one of the most unforgettable adventures to be had in Jerusalem. The tunnels were dug out of solid rock in order to carry water from one end of the city to the other, starting from two points - the Gichon Spring and a man-made reservoir and meeting in the middle.

The chisel marks, ancient plaster and a Hebrew inscription were discovered in the 19th century – all bearing witness to the age of the tunnel.


A guided tour of the tunnel takes around one and a half hours, and walkers are advised to bring their own flashlights.

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