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The Biblical Zoo

Travel templateThe Biblical Zoo is an attraction in Jerusalem which is sure to keep the kids amused, containing no less than 140 species of animals mentioned in the bible. Situated to the South west of Jerusalem, there are plenty of open spaces and picnic spots making it an ideal place for a break from heavy duty sightseeing.

 As well as a dizzying array of fascinating historical and cultural sites, Jerusalem has plenty of exciting attractions which provide a great day out for a family during a trip in Israel.

The zoo is located in the Malcha area, and has been voted one of Jerusalem’s most popular attractions, attracting many thousands of visitors every year.


The park is situated on over 62 acres of land, with a huge man-made lake at the center – complete with pools and waterfalls. Visitors can view not only animals from the bible but many endangered species, as well as penguins. The children’s zoo features a petting corner where kids have direct contact with pygmy goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a playground, as well as a conveniently situated snack bar.


The Zoo information center is shaped like an ark and has an auditorium, gallery, computer stations for information on the animals, and a souvenir shop.


Animals reside in natural habitats from a wildlife savannahs where the animals can roam free, to a tropical rain forest. Visitors can take advantage of the park train in order to be transported around the zoo, which has several stops on the way.

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