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Seacret™ Ups Customer Experience with a Series of Cosmetics Instruction Videos

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Seacret, the leading cosmetics manufacturer renowned for the naturally healing Dead Sea minerals and salts in its products – has announced an innovative customer service feature: a series of cosmetic tutorial videos. The videos will demonstrate how to accurately use each product, with the help of cosmetics models and will be available through QR codes on product packages



Seacret™ - the prominent cosmetics brand, renowned for its high-end skin care products, based on Dead Sea ingredients, will be releasing a series of tutorial videos for each of their products. The series, consisting of 69 videos at this point, will be available for downloading through a QR code on the back of each product pack. Scanning the QR code with a smartphone will activate the video. The tutorials will be one minute long each and will be applied on cosmetics models, including detailed instructions and demonstration on how to use each product most accurately.




Eliminating skin uncertainty


The cosmetics instruction videos are designed to meet the need of many cosmetics users who are sometimes unsure as to how to apply the products: how thick should the product layer be, how long should it rest on the skin before removal and other uncertainties.    




Seacret’s videos will support the company’s many and varied products, from moisturizing products, anti-aging products, men’s products and the recently launched prestigious Recover Gold Core products, infused with 24-Carat gold. Proper use of Seacret’s products maximizes the effects of the natural healing elements in the Dead Sea minerals and salts – an integral component in Seacret’s skin care products.




About Seacret:  Seacret™ is a high-end, high quality cosmetics manufacturer, drawing the power of its skin care products from the unique qualities of Dead Sea minerals and salts. Seacret believes beauty and health are closely entwined and create carefully blended formulas, designed to nourish the skin through a process of cell renewal, blood flow stimulation and an altogether healing effect. The Dead Sea ingredients are empowered by vitamin complexes and other natural ingredients like honey, olive oil and plant extracts.





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