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Living without hypertrophic scars and keloids: a new innovation that changes lives

What happens when the takes over your life and your emotional state? 


You often will feel that all people can see in you is your scar, they only judge you or look away – it may only be in your own mind, but those are all common testimonials we heard from people that suffered keloid scars and hypertrophic scars. We know how embarrassing and self-inflicting it may be, the treatments are repetitive sessions are not necessarily effective, but now – there’s a new horizon in the medical field, a breakthrough solution for individuals that wish to treat their scars effectively and improve their quality of life. Let me tell you more and introduce you to a new hypertrophic scar treatment, a treatment that also removes keloids, quick and permanently:


Understanding the occurrence of a hypertrophic scar

What happens in our body that create those scars? How do they appear? Our body reacts to a wound and attacks it with an excessive amount of collagen that quickly forms a dense layer of thick skin that is over the surface of our skin. It looks red, glossy sometimes and unappealing and it is also painful and itchy. The hypertrophic scar treatment will also stop it from keep growing and adding to the constant discomfort.


A treatment that exceeded exceptions

Former treatments for hypertrophic scars and keloids fall short. The relief mostly was temporarily and the ones suffering from the pain and discomfort had to repeat procedures, sometimes without any change. Also, it was hard to treat large scars and the treatment was above the surface – “cutting the tree”. Now the treatment goes in for “cutting the root”, freezes it all around and treat the scar tissue itself, preventing it from growing back. The treatment is an in-depth care for the scar, one that makes the difference. How does it work? A needle is applied into the center of the keloid or scar and treats it with liquid nitrogen. The reaction is immediate, freezing the scar tissue and creating an everlasting effect immediately after only one treatment.




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